Red House Shop & Café

North Adelaide Railway Station, War Memorial Dr, North Adelaide SA 5006 |
Phone: 0414 184 166 | Open every day 0730 – 1600 | Find them on Facebook

This cafe is on War Memorial Drive near the golf course and on the bike/walking track. It is in the old North Adelaide railway station building so overall it has a great location. I was interested to know what the shop was rather than the food so decided to stop there about an hour before closing on a weekday.
The staff were very friendly and were happy to show me through the building (the cafe wasn’t busy) and into what had been the station master’s house – where the shop is now located. This shop is a retro/vintage collection and is in a small room off the passageway. It is well stocked and presented in such a small space and for those into that type of thing you would be sure to find something.
I decided to order a coffee and spinach filo – all products in the display are house made and looked fresh but there was nothing there with a huge wow factor. However, lots of vegan and vegetarian options which was a plus. The spinach filo was tasty and the coffee was unusual in its flavour and just a touch gritty. It may be the beans or just the way it was made – but it was drinkable although true coffee buffs may not think so.
There is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and the cafe is dog friendly. The owners definitely want you to enjoy their cafe and it is great that they have kept this historic building ‘alive’ with their business concept. It is in a great location and an easy drive or bike ride/walk from Adelaide CBD and Bowden is just across the railway tracks if you want to explore an historic area of Adelaide.
Red House is worth a try – it is open until 4 pm (kitchen closes as 3) so you can check it out with just a coffee and snack type dish if you don’t want to have a full breakfast or lunch.
Summary: Service friendly. Great location. Coffee average. Food good. Worth a try? Yes to see for yourself.

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