Hawker Street Café

22 Hawker Street Bowden SA 5007 | Phone (08) 8346 2884
Open Tuesday to Sunday 8:30am  – 2 pm | Find them on Facebook

Hawker Street is a main thoroughfare connecting historic Brompton and Bowden. These adjoining suburbs were established in the early years of South Australia – Bowden in 1839 and Brompton in 1849 so there are plenty of old buildings with history and character. The Hawker Street Café is in a row of shops and very easy to find. Right next door is an interesting little second hand shop with lots of retro gear and character items.

The café is popular with locals and tourists. It offers a low-priced menu for breakfast, lunch and snacks. While the coffee is not the best if Adelaide, it is drinkable and people seem to enjoy eating at this trendy little place that has seating on the footpath as well as a large outside area just off the kitchen.

It is somewhere to try if you are exploring the streets of historic Bowden/Brompton. Look out for street art and decorated Stobie poles as well as old houses and churches which give this area charm and character.

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