Rymill Park Kiosk

East Parklands, Bartels Road Adelaide SA | Phone 08 232 2814
Kiosk open Wednesday to Friday 08:00 – 16:00; Saturday & Sunday 08:30 to 17:00

Rymill Park is a small oasis on the east end of Adelaide and still beautiful despite the O-Bahn extensions happening on its northern edge. Great place to get out in the sun, enjoy the lake, the play equipment, or just relax at lunch time or on the weekend.

Easy walking distance to Rundle Mall and the business district of Adelaide.

The kiosk is not pretending to be a top end café. It’s a fantastic little kiosk offering breakfast, light lunches, snacks, local sausage rolls and pies, drinks and coffee. All is fresh and well-priced. The coffee may not be 5 star but it is drinkable and the owner is friendly and really wants you to enjoy your experience at the park and his kiosk. Paddle boats are normally available except when there are events that prevent them being put in the water.

One of Adelaide’s little gems and well worth supporting the kiosk because without it Rymill Park would not be quite the same.